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Appalachian Trail

Distance from Pleasant Acres: approx 4.0

appalachian trail, camping, Sussex, NJ

Running from Maine to Georgia, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail runs just a few miles from Pleasant Acres. Over the years, we have hosted several RV companion vehicles or shuttle vehicles for through-hikers- all whom have had great stories to share. There are several Appalachian Trail heads throughout Stokes State Forest, High Point State Park and near the Village of Unionville, New York that are within 10 minutes from our campground. Campers can take a short trip from the Pleasant Acres to catch even more beautiful vistas and natural wonder.

The closest trail heads include: along Route 23 at the High Point State Park Welcome Center, along Route 519 just below High Point State Park, along Route 651 just south of Unionville, NY and along Route 284 just north of Unionville.

Photo: Stephen Denman



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Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort

Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort