Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort Rules & Regulations

We want to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their stay at Pleasant Acres. With that in mind, please review the following camping guidelines that we have implemented to help to ensure everyone’s safety and satisfaction. These rules, regulations and requirements have been written, not to impose on any one camper, but rather to try to protect what the majority of our campers’ desire. They have been designed to preserve nature at its finest, protect the property of Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort, its campers, and to conform to certain state and local requirements. It is hoped that by following these camp guides, Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort remains a pleasant, beautiful and desirable place to stay and that harmony can be maintained amongst our campers.

Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort likes to see children enjoy themselves and the entire campground has been planned and designed with that in mind. However, parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and every child must have a parent or guardian on the campground at all times. No child shall attend local public school while residing on the campground.


Bicycles should be enjoyed during the daylight hours only. No night riding permitted. No riding in the pavilion.

Campers who use a motorcycle as a means of transportation to and from the campground may drive it to their campsite. The motorcycle can only be driven directly to and from the campsite; no giving rides. Helmets must be worn at all times. Extreme care should be taken to avoid disturbing others by causing excess noise or driving in an unsafe manner. Motorcycle rights may be retracted if we feel they are causing too many problems, so please don’t abuse the privilege and spoil it for yourself and others.

Quads, dirt bikes, and gas-powered golf carts are NOT permitted on the grounds. If you bring them in a truck or on a trailer, they may not be unloaded for any reason.

All guests, friends and relatives must register at the office before entering the campground. Campers are responsible for the registration, behavior and payment of their guests. Guests will not be permitted if host campers are not on the premises. Day guests must leave, and overnight guests must be on site, before quiet hour: 11:00 PM.

Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM. During quiet hours, there shall be no outside radios or televisions on, no loud parties or sing-a-longs and no bright lights on. All teenagers and children must be on their sites by 11:15 PM unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Group talk sessions and parties should end before 1:30 AM, and at this hour, everyone should be on their own site.

Alcoholic beverages are permitted, but intoxication will not be tolerated.

Pets (dogs & cats) are permitted on the grounds; however, they must be kept quiet, under control and on a leash at all times. Pets must always be cleaned up after and must be handled by someone who is capable of controlling and cleaning up after them. Pets are not permitted in the pavilion or any other campground building, except for service animals. Pets are not permitted in the lake. No pet is to be left unattended. A dog exercise area is provided near the playground for your pleasure (see map).

Our lakes are stocked with a variety of native fish for your angling pleasure. Fishing is allowed from the shoreline only. No boats or rafts are permitted in the water. Swimming is not allowed in the lakes. A pool is provided for your swimming pleasure.

Our pool opens daily at 10:00 AM and stays open until dark. Special evening swims with lights are scheduled throughout the summer (see Schedule of Activities). There are NO LIFEGUARDS. Children may not be left unattended. New Jersey law requires that an adult over 21 must supervise children under the age of 16. Also, no one may swim alone. Pool rules are posted at each entrance gate.

Fires are permitted and should be enjoyed by our campers. All fires should be kept small so that the heat does not damage the above and surrounding foliage. Fires are the responsibility of the campers. Absolutely no burning of garbage. Any local, state or federal government regulations shall supersede campground regulations.

Firewood is on sale at the store. No cutting of standing trees. The use of chainsaws is not permitted.

Potable water is to be used for drinking and household use only (no car washing, etc. on weekends). There shall be no washing of dishes or utensils in restrooms or by water fountains.

New Jersey state law requires that everyone separate all recyclables out of their garbage. Dumpsters for regular garbage and bins for recyclables are located along the road near the trailer sales. Aluminum cans, tin cans, all glass and plastic milk and soda bottles will go in one bin. Tin cans must have all labels removed. Soda bottles must have caps removed. All recyclables must be rinsed thoroughly and placed in a clear plastic bag (provided). A separate bin will be provided for newspaper and corrugated cardboard. Everyone must separate their garbage and bring it to the Garbage/Recycling Center.

Your holding tank should be left closed until you are ready to empty your sewage. Then open it only long enough to allow the sewage to escape. Your sewer line should be sealed with a rubber gasket as it enters our sewer line to prevent odors from escaping. Your flexible line should have a trap in it to prevent gas from traveling up your line and out the vents. Your flexible line should not enter our sewer line more than ten inches. When disconnecting the flexible hose, the cap is to be replaced so it will seal the sewer line.

Motor vehicles are to be operated by licensed drivers only. All cars must carry current bumper stickers or mirror tags.

The speed limit is 10 MPH. NO faster. Please watch your speedometer.

These items must be reviewed with the management for placement, size, color, design and quality. This includes such items as outside refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, lights, platforms, buildings, clotheslines, moving fireplaces, signs and flags. All trees, shrubs, walkways, fences, etc. placed on the site become the property of the campground and may not be removed.

Permission must be obtained from the management for any delivery trucks or other commercial vehicles.

The following items are NOT permitted on the campground: mini-bikes, 4-wheelers, mopeds, battery powered kiddie cars, motorized or non-motorized scooters, chainsaws, rockets or any other air-cooled or noisy equipment. Also not permitted which may harm the natural beauty of Pleasant Acres and its property: no painting on rocks or other Pleasant Acres property, no climbing trees, no constructing swings from trees, no wrapping rope or wire around trees, no driving nails or screws into trees, no cutting or picking vegetation and no transplanting trees or shrubs. Pleasant Acres does not allow firearms, archery or fireworks. There will be no 100 pound propane tanks. There is to be no solicitation on the campground. There will be no re-renting of campsites.

Trespassing on sites or adjoining property is prohibited.

No business is to be transacted at or from the campground. Also, no “For Sale” signs are to be displayed. This campground is not a used trailer sales lot.

Power mowers are restricted to the hours of 9:00 AM to dusk; none on Sunday.

It is the campers’ responsibility to keep their sites clean, tidy and orderly. Campers are also responsible for campground property that they might break or damage beyond normal wear.

In case of an emergency, the management reserves the right to close any part, or all, of the campground. As soon as the emergency is remedied, it will be reopened. Pleasant Acres Farm RV Resort is not responsible for fire, theft or damage to the camping equipment, cars or other personal property. The management reserves the right to go on any site for the preservation or repair of utility or natural resource and to remove any camping equipment, etc. for that purpose; replacing the same as nearly as possible to its prior location, and to temporarily disconnect any utilities to perform this duty. The management reserves the right to remove any tree or other object from the campsite for safety, health or beautification reasons.

By State Law, the management has the right to evict any person who may become violent, intoxicated or who may be endangering the life, health or property of other people on the campground. If a person is evicted, his site and membership are automatically cancelled without refund.

New Jersey Campground Facilities Act – NJSA 5:16-3a The owner of a campground facility or the owner’s heirs, successors or assignees shall have a lien upon all personal property located at a campground facility, for rent, labor or other reasonable charges due as specified in the rental agreement, and for expenses reasonably incurred in any sale executed under this act. The lien provided for in this section is superior to any other lien or security interest, except those prior liens as to which the occupant has notified the owner in writing. The lien shall attach as of the date the personal property is brought to the campground facility The owner may retain the personal property until such time as the lien is satisfied or the personal property is sold at auction. NJSA 5:16-7b.(1) A campground facility owner may remove or cause to be removed by a law enforcement officer any person refusing to pay registration or visitor’s fees or any person who willfully denies other persons their right to quiet enjoyment of the campground facility, or any person who violates any local, county or state law.

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